Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00am to 6:00pm · 7 Caliente Road, Suite A-1 · Santa Fe, NM 87508 · (505) 428-0024

Judy Poldi Guest Artist

Trading in her paint brush for a knife, Judy Poldi has found new freedom in her process, allowing free-flowing gestures and a bold intuitive style to come through as she moves paint around her canvas. With her recent work Poldi composes richly layered surfaces, which resolve into an orchestrated balance that she refers to as ‘woven oneness’. These combined words get to the heart of things for Poldi – life is a madly beautiful, all-encompassing web, all parts holding all things together. Our moments of seeing the big picture are fleeting and impossible to grab in words, but visually emotional responses help to bear witness. Her buoyant and spontaneous abstract expressions are on large surfaces, yet feel like they can barely contain within their edges, her joyous responses to nature and the nature of life.

Judy Poldi is an award-winning artist, whose first solo show in 1997, a great success, led her to the Arts and Consciousness program at John F. Kennedy University in Berkeley, California, where she received an MFA in 2003. Her studies there led Poldi in a more internal and spiritual direction with her work. Now a resident of Santa  Fe, Judy Poldi has a studio on Canyon Road, where she conducts private workshops on freeing up the creative process. To view more of Judy Poldi’s work and learn about her teaching, visit her websites at http://www.jpoldi.com and http://www.twoartsstudio.com.